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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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ooch. come on we're going to miss bipartisan effort. joe biden should be greater all the time regardless whether she vice president. that's all tonight. good morning. i man mormon. first day for trump era. first fight already on the way. is this a sign of things to come. i'm going to talk to lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. we're going to have stories from turkey tonight. this one have bill and hillary will be on hand to witness donald's inauguration.
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state picks rex tillerson. today a big rscp hillary clinton and normer president bill clinton will attend the inauguration. sources say they were advised to show up to help the country heal. former george w. bush will be in attendance. saying they be pleased to witness the power hallmark throughout congress. a new 115th sworn in. to gut the office of congressional ethics a plan ryan disagreed with but many were holding firm to. take a listen. >> the reform does not change,
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the public register the complaint, they do the work with the ethics review it goes forward to ethics whether to dismiss it or review. same thick before today. >> i have not seen good things come from them. if you're a entity setup to accept complaints then you do the investigation you come up with the charges they don't have subpoena hour orrence forcement power they have to refer to the ethics committee, that's fine if that's all they did but they are leaking information to the press. that's caused members of congress and millions of dollars and end some polical careers early. >>hat's how the day started out. hours before they voted on the plan, donald trump tweeted in. do they have to make the
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weakening of the independent ethics watchdog unfair as it is a number one priority. #drain the swamp. trump's tweet could influence the decision. two hours later the house gutted to -- first fight with donald trump no question who the boss is. buckle up everyone. kasie opening day opening controversy. how do this go down with house speaker ryan it's still went through. >> well, amman, the reality is it slipped by them. they let it go when they should
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have been paying attention. speaker paul ryan tried to make a practice of letting this be open process. the reality is this went through. there were almost 50 republican members who did not show up to that closed door late night meeting where this was originally passed. they may have gotten what they wanted had the members showed up. what happened today this steaded increasing pressure as the hours went on. criticism on morning shows fold by defense from kevin mccarthy. you can feel the pressure and paul ryan was force to call the cauc behind to make sure this is not what we're talking about
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today. it turned into a major distraction. usually this is celebration day on capitol hill. there's a lot of kids. republicans were supposed to be celebrating having control of congress and the white house but instead of talking about the president's law for example, wooe we're talking about this. >> it's going to be interesting. >> i would go with chaotic. >> thanks for being with us. republican from alabama joins us know from capitol hill. congressman, happy new year to you. if i can get you "on the record" with what happened today where do you stand with this happening behind closed doors and today having it revoked. >> i believe there was a problem with the process. when you have something
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substantive that you're trying to promulgate into a rule or law, you need to give more time. so the public can participate in elected office holder can understand what they are voting on. the problem with the office of ethics change is that it was strung at the last second. a lot of members did not havant opportunity to find out what was in it. i'm glad it was postpone to be improved or done better. >> why did that happen is that there was why would anyone think it was already to have there behind closed door and not give anyone a chance to discuss it in public? >> i was a member on the house
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democratic side and the bipartisan negotiations that went into this bim. i don't know who on the democratic side participated in on it it. i was told it was democratic party input into this legislation. i done know what was goingen behind the scene but apparently the votes were not there to do this in the fashion it was supposed to be done. there wasn't enough time for pele to uerstd the implicatns of the pros and the cons of this proposed rules chans dealing with house ethics. >> let me play this from lindcy graham. take a listen. >> i think this dumbest thing i ever heard. the first thing you do is introduce ethics committee that's not the message the house needs to sends to the american
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people. >> congressman it started last night with the desire to gut out the ethic cmittee do you believe donald trump's treat was enough to change the republicans perspective with what they wanted to do with the house ethics committee? >> i done think there's any question that donald trump's tweet, i'm glad he got involved, i don't think there's any question it had an impact with congressman and constituents back home asking congress to postpone or kill this effort. i'm glad he interveninged. i think he made a wise decision. in postponing it. >> congressman let play this from kellyanne conway. incoming counselor to the white house. take a listen. >> so there's a mandate for them to make significant change.
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>> to start gutting the independent ethics office. >> i don't want you to viewers to be given there's no way for kopt plaints to be reviewed. there's over zealousness of the process over the years. we don't want people mired of the ethics complaint review. >> she comes off decision to gut ethics committee. her boss comes out unbeknownst with his tweet changes entire course of the debate or the action. she not on the same page a president-elect on pocy he doesn't support? >> he going to be his own man and make his own decision. i would be surprise if that pattern did not continue.
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when he announces it via tweet or some other public mechanism. >> does that scare you, congressman? >> this is way he operates. he had a voice in the changes to the ethics office. he expressed that voice and it worked. who can have reservations about the effectiveness of the tools he decided to use to effect wait his policy. it would be interesting to see if the pour of his tweets continue as we get into major substantive policy issues. >> representativeel brooke from alabama thank you for being with us. senate leader chuck schumer had a sturn warning for mr. president-elect. >> if there's one part of my speech that i hope you listen to and take to heart is this one, i mean it with the best of intentions. if you abandon change and simply
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imbraceard right pro-elite policy opposeds to the campaign theme tha help you win and get you elected you're presidency will not succeed. we democrats will hold you accountable. >> that was incoming house -- senate leader minority leader chuck schumer. adam smith from washington state. thank you for joining us. i want to get your take in terms of how it played out today. were you surprise and shock that the 180 degree change from last night until this afternoon. >> not really. it's odd way to do it. most people understand how the ethics committee works. i have heard all day long that
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the republicans were disband the committee. that's not what they were proposing to do. they were opposing to disband -- this is not something you do the night before the vote and spring on everybody and the public reaction let them though they were strong disapproval to this move. >> it was very well documented but do you give any credit to donald trump president-elect trump for weighing in today whether that tweet hadn impact? >> no, i don't. >> why not? >> because members of congress are responsive to their constituents whether he tweeted or not the constituent outcry waus morn enough to get republicans to back off. >> it's a co wens dense there was change despite fact donald
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trump was tweeting about it. >> it's not a co incidence the backlash from the public carried for greater weight. if donald trump had not tweeted, the backlash would have been enough to get them to pull it. >> this terms of how you see this playing out is this issue come back or it has been shelf for the time being. >> they could have had a longer debate about the role of the independent ethics commission as they take complaints houp they ford them to the ethics commission all very exciting stuff that the public would not have cared thuch about when you bring it out this way saying your getting rid of the independent committee it's dead for the for seeable future.
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>> thank you. donald trump foreign policy via twitter. a manhunt intense fies for the manhunt in turkey. we're learning more about the victims and their stories. that's straight ahead. your every move. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six months. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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. our challenge is too intrirched for me tweeting. making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> that was senator chuck schumer warning that a country cannot afford twitter presidency. today he made news on kwaun moe
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bay. gitmo. these are dangerous people. gitmo is controversial in the u.s. and around the world. prison and in his first week in office president obama signed executive order to close the prison. eight years later it is still open. down to 59. today white house press secretary said more detainees will be release by the end of the obama's term. >> i cannot speak to anything made to congress about upcoming transfers but i think i would expect additional transfers to be announced before january 20th. >> one question is what drove donald trump to suddenly tweet about gitmo in the first play. what impact can it have going
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forward. in recent days he tweet criticism and praise for vladimir putin including un. the question are we withins diplomacy? joining me now, colonel, let me ask you about this no further releases at gitmo. your response to that? >> he blocked me two 1/2 years ago. there were 779 men taken to
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gitmo, 59 that are still there. that means 95% of the men that were worst of the worst were determined not to be. in the vast majority from shipped out about the bush administration. it's a huge waste of money going down the drain. >> what do you say about the president-elect and others say they want to load this place up with more people. a lot of people and gitmo is place to put the people in the united states and not on the battlefield. >> the real fallacy of that is we want to bring guzman from mexico to the u.s. and hold him in federal prison but we're afraid to bring kwaun tan moe detainees. in september of 2006 when i was chief prosecutor president bush
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made destigs to bring cia to gitmo and 14 men got off the airplane in 2006 one convicted he doing a life sentence it was on he was tried in federal court in new york city. the other 13 men at gitmo are waiting their day in court. >> let me bring in my friend and nbc contributor. talk about the relationship with allies, our standing in the world and is there any reason why this tweet from donald trump? >> number one, colonel is right, this is our moment and the one want gitmo to remain open, it shows ideas we are about, with
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no end for some of those folks in there and no justice, i grae with clolonel davis that anyone who doubts that, gitmo shows that we are liar to that. i once talk to many the people to gitmo. these were people and other countries that could have tried and convicted or perhaps release in their own judicial system. that's created this long-term nightmare for us in our credibility and what donald trump's sees in it is a war on terror and a sign of strength for reality show to show how to
3:23 pm
take bad guys and downstream consequences from the united states. >> let play sound byte from donald trump. >> this morning i watched president obama talk about gitmo -- which we are keeping open. we're going to load it up with some bad dudes. we're going to load it up. >> you hear his plans to load it up back if february or 2016, i should say. are you concerned that the issue of gitmo is not taken up enough by the american public, not enough pressure on congress or politician to shut it down. eight years and president obama has not been table to shut it down. >> a week interest tomorrow 15th anniversary that would have
3:24 pm
arrived there. they bought in the narrative these men were being the worst of the worst. the vast of the majority did not meet that description. for every ka lee chick ma ham mad ere were others scooped up and taken to gitmo. it's a huge waste of money. we spent $6 billion operating gitmo. there were 59 men there. 40 military personnel per detainee that are required to operate the facility. it's a huge waste of money and effort just to pandering to fear. >> a lot of diplomats coming out of un, on china, whole host of issue, what do you make of this tendency by donald trump to weigh on national security issue
3:25 pm
via twitter. is this dangerous or is this new reality that could have benefits? >> it's new reality and it could be dangerous. he tries to win anyone that's paid attention to global affairs knows about the intra-connection of things how your economy works, how you take action w military issue, t fact if you go to africa you're deal with 50 countries in that region, it's not binary of winning or losing with that concept. donald trump is down to batting over this. u.s. companies, offshore their facilities they has been scaring them and intimidating tm.
3:26 pm
maybe that will work in the near term but nearly every one of these allenges is going to be tested by rival they are going to be tested by allies bus they are more importantly doubt ed and doubt our ability to be with them when they are in trouble. that's what i hope you when he sits behind oval office desk. he has to take more care when he behind t behind the oval office. >> great to you have with us. >> thank you. huddling with democrats tomorrow. later video showing suspect that killed 39 people taking a selfie as he walked through well-known parts through istanbul. later on that manhunt.
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today a bill to repeal obamacare was introduce. senator mike andy seek to repeal. republicans just need a simple set of majority. debate will start on this tomorrow. on the hill president obama will rally support for his signature legislation among democrats. >> joining me now is affordable care act this is shaping up to be quite a big fight. how do you think it's going to play out early on? >> i think that the republicans will come to realize quickly they cannot go forward as they been planning. i have seen it happen over many
3:31 pm
years members of congress believe the talking points that this not been good for hard working americans. the reality is it has been. probably lobbyists that if they perceive with what they say they plan to do it will create a lot of chaos and under certainty and people lose access to care. when they come to understand that, i think there are probably some members of the senate in particular who understand what can happen, they will tread more cautionly. i done think they will do repeal they have been promising for a long time. >> kellyanne conway said process could take years. admit whether they have plan ready. >> take a listen. >> do you have replacement plan
3:32 pm
wrapped re to go tomorrow. >> we done have piece -- confirm yet. go ask minority schumer and the rest if they're going to give him a fair meeting. we're ready to go but we're not the only party. >> do you seehey will have a backla if they do not have a replacement plan? >> i think it will back more than a backlash. it would be catastrophic for a lot of people that voted for him. most people are enrolled in a plan that's operated br a for profit insurance corporation. those companies answer to analysts and shareholders. they will not tolerate the under certainty they won't buy that.
3:33 pm
they creates such uncertainty that the companies will get out of the market. they don't need to stay in the market. >> tomorrow president obama will be there to shore up if there's an why i roadblocks to put in place to prevent this from being repealed. is there anything president obama can do to prevent affordable care act from being repealed so easily? >> it's something of a little bit to -- far too late. the democrats should have been explaining to the american public the benefit of the affordable care act long before now. the thing is hopeful the democrats can explain this, the affordable care act did not benefit the 20-25 million who have insurance. it's benefits every one of us. that's what the message has to be that the democrats have to
3:34 pm
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a manhunt in turkey intensifies for a killer who took 39 lives. this video taken before the attack that killed 39 people and injured almost 70. here is selfie video taken by the suspect just days before the attack. two people detained. today istanbul. joining me now from washington former counter terrorism chief for turkish police. great to have you here. i know you spent years with the turkish police, do you believe the turkish authorities have the resource and capability to hunt to man down? >> unfortunately, not. i spent 20 years as chief and
3:39 pm
south of turkey. for the the last three years, relentlessly fired purging and imprisoned all the expolice chief of counter terrorism and all offers who used to work for the department. right flou we have in those departments unexperienced, untrined officers. this experience and understanding of terrorism activities. >> let me ask you about the politics about where turkey has been over the past year. some people are scratching their head, 30 attacks almost one every two weeks, significant attacks. you said turkey is playing footcy with extremism
3:40 pm
particularly in syria. what do do you mean buy that in. >> the turkish government turned blind eye to extremist using turkey to wage war. they seem to be paying a price for this policy. they are paying a price they have invade syria and roll up islamic state in northern syria as a result the islamic state is responding to that invasion. it is this policy about extremism during the early part of the conflict in syria, the turkish presence, and it is the proximity and undertake this types of terrorism operations. >> i know you spend years
3:41 pm
tracking this kind of terrorism, talk to us what the status of isis infuill strags -- >> isis including istanbul has established with weapons and exploeive as they are been free to roam around the country and they use turkey to supply themselves with the weapons they need. so they have experienced and trained main power inside of turkey. as you can see from this attack, they are fighters terrorists are experienced and can keep their cool during the attack.
3:42 pm
>> let me ask you quickly, if terms of the turkish government response, when we talk about berl berlin christmas attack, there's a lot of criticism of president and how he handled the crackdown. what criticism do you see to be level against the turkish government interms how it's handling the security problem? >> this is unprecedented wave of terrorm. it's not the best time for the turks to undertake an extraordinary purge of their military and police force. it was appropriate to go out to the people ingaengaged to take the over this july. clearly hampered their ability
3:43 pm
to maintain security. >> thank you both for joining us. while it's important to cover the investigation and who may have been behind it and why it's important to remember the victims lost in it as well. 18-year-old was on her first trip abroad. her father was worried that istanbul was not safe. his e she did not survive the attack. they were celebrating the new year as new parents. they leave behind 5-year-old daughter. he was taking a break interest working on a second film to celebrate the new year. saudi twins brothers lived live together and they died together. they just graduated college.
3:44 pm
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there's a lot to talk about tonight with our panel. liz, i want to begin with you the news of bill and hillary clinton announcing that they are going to attend the inauguration. what do you make of that? >> i was surprise that people were surprise. it was an unusually nasty presidential year. this is what we do in a peaceful democratic society like united states. she following tradition.
3:48 pm
>> sara, i think you are with us. let ask you about news that's developing throughout course of the day. i know you are spokesperson for incoming designated attorney general jeff sessions. your reaction being organized by naacp they want to object to his confirmation to the senate. what do you make of what unfolded today. >> here are the facts jeff sessions is being endorse by a number of african-american civil rights leaders, victims rights organization, so unfortunately, the naacp have the facts wrong. jeff sessions have been advocate for victims right and protecting people's security throughout 40 years of service.
3:49 pm
thises playing politics. this is what they do. they were against janice robert brown this isn't about race. this is about politics, unfortunately. do you think there's going to be up heel battle for senator sessions getting confirmed for the senate? >> president gets to pick cabinet. it means you nd simple majority. quickly. i do think that sessions will have some of the more contentions hearing. he come under fire for admitting information from all the files he has to submit for the hearings. on top of that, he has made a lot of offensive comments on the
3:50 pm
years. he has been on the wrong side of the criminal civil rights fights. he stood on the floor that said immigrants coming from the -- >> let me give you a chance to respond. >> lbgt rights along the way. one of their pma roles is standing up for the civil rights of every american. >> i think she is off on this one. where to start. just taking the do minute can comment you made. he was describing the statistic or the type 90% are coming in. he was describing a fact not an opinion.
3:51 pm
jeff sessions, there's a reason all these african-americans have endorsed him. when they don't like a republican, they call it rist. it's not going to work. jeff session social securis is e attorney general. >> what about marriage equality and the lbgt rights that they has been on the opposite side on for decades. >> jeff sessions is going to enforce the law as it is not as he wants it to be. he will will be the attorney general that's what going to come out in the hearing. i think those are fair questions to ask. you can have difference with him but he is going to enforce the law as it is. which is something that attorney generals holder and lynch have
3:52 pm
been criticized for. they enforced laws they did not like. >> we'll see how it unfolds with all the cabinet appointees. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ford make a decision not to building in mexico what does it mean for international business. all of that plus the interview with ford ceo. that's ahead. what super poligrip does for me
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. a $700 million investment and 700 new u.s. jobs. >> ford mote company announcing canceling plans to 1. -- upgrade a plant in michigan and hire 700 new workers. >> we are encouraged by the policy that president-elect have indicate they will pursue. >> my early morning friend. we have not seeing this late in the day. let's talk about the announcement. first of all, a significant naumt or symbolic announcement.
3:57 pm
>> 700 jobs is nothing to sneeze at especially if you live in michigan. this is something ford did to make sure they don't become a target of donald trump's wrath. i asked him what influence did donald trump have on it. was that motivating fokt tor in this decision. this is what he told me. >> there's a lot of different fax tor that come into play. when you look at some of the tax and regulatory proposals that have been talked about that can be positive to help spur a renaissance of manufacturing here in the united states. >> you can read between the lines. he is talking about things that could be possible. at this point they are going to keep these jobs.
3:58 pm
they are going to put 700 more jobs in michigan and canceling to build $1.6 billion in mexico. >> he will put that up on the scene if they go over cease try to bring company back into u.s. you see pay big border tax. that's not legal, is it? >> mexico, canada, united states. you build a car in the country it is confidenced a domestic car in all three countries. that's nafta. if you don't like nafta, hate the game, not the player. the deal is you get to sell cars in those countries duty free. if donald trump has issue with nafta which he cle does, he should take that up. you can't pay big border that's.
3:59 pm
that's not legal. >> one of the biggest trading relationships in the world is the united states and canada. they are not going to say, sure you put tariff on everything we do and we'll let all your stuff in free. the bottom line is nafta is the basis for all of the other trade deals tla the united states has made. it take a fundamental rethinking. no one has been able to explain how the trade deals make economic growth increase, they increase corporate profitability but they don't help workers all that much. >> always have pleasure to to you. donald trump just confirming that long awaiting preference now being announce. i a la carwill be having a gene conference in new york city. thank you. this is second or preference that is been announce that was
4:00 pm
schedule earlier in december it was postponed i assume this one he rerch references. it will be 159 days that he takes from the press. "hardball" starting with my colleague chris matthews. let's play "hardball." tru trump's trump. good evening. in washingtons which is the scene of the action. who call shots republican power base in congress which has been raring to go with the own agenda for years or donald trump who takes office 17 days but is governing by tweet. the republicans a


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